Franz Erhard Walther: First Work Set Book

Franz Erhard Walther’s highly ambitious 1. Werksatz (First Work Set) consists of fifty-eight fabric elements completed between 1963 and 1969, intended to be unfolded and used by viewers—inviting them to become both beholder and participant. Franz Erhard Walther: First Work Set is the first critical study of Walther’s “instruments for process” to be published in English. This title pairs contemporary scholarship with primary texts to better understand his First Work Set. The book includes contributions by Barbara Clausen, Rachel Haidu, Ulrike Müller, Yasmil Raymond, Erik Verhagen, Gregory Williams, and Jennifer Winkworth, together with previously unpublished texts by Franz Erhard Walther and the first English translation of Walther’s influential 1970 Spaces exhibition diary.